At Cosmic Clues Studio, we work with respect for our dear planet, animals (cruelty free), health and human condition.


✶ No solvants or toxic products are used in the manufacture of pigments, inks, paints.

✶ Our linoleum blocks used for engraving are 100% natural and biodegradable.

✶ Our papers are acid-free, recycled and/or handmade. They’re mostly 100% cotton or 100% Lokta or from sustainably managed forests.

✶ The artworks are delivered in zero plastic packaging made of recycled and fully biodegradable cardboard. Everything is then slipped into a cardboard shipping envelope.

✶ The stones and crystals used for pigment making are sourced (to the maximum, according to the good faith/transparency of the seller) via ethical extraction networks.

✶ The plants used for pigments are sourced locally, in France or Europe as much as possible. They are mainly organic.

✶ Cosmic Clues is committed to planting trees every year with ReForest’Action program.

✶ We are what we call “slowtrepreneurs”. The phrase “good things take time” resonates very strongly with us and we always take the time necessary to carry out each project in the fairest way and with greatest awareness and love.


✶ Holistic Energy Treatment sessions and Workshops are carried out with respect and mutual trust. No personal information can be disclosed outside of consultations and workshops.

✶ We’re aware that an Energy Therapist does not diagnose your state of health and does not replaces a health professional.

In case of serious pathology, please consult a doctor. Energy healing sessions can complement your treatment.

✶ Treatments and workshops are spaces where respect, listening and kindness are the key words.

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