Lina is the soul behind Cosmic Clues.

She was born in Poitou-Charentes (France) in 1989, grew up near Paris and currently lives in Morbihan, Brittany, Fr.

Art has always being a part of her. She got a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and a Master’s degree in Graphic Arts. Lina has been working as an Artistic Director in advertising while simultaneously developing her sensitivity and her personal creative approach.

Lina sees Art as a spiritual practice. Just like Yoga which is a meditation in movement, the artistic gesture is for her a creative meditation based on breathing, alignment, mindfulness and connection.

She’s also a certified therapist in Energy Healing / Art Therapy / Sound Healing […]. Her mission is to unite Art and Holistic Health practices to allow everyone to reconnect with their full potential.

Lina Benmansour
Founder of the Cosmic Clues studio
Artist [ Peinture & Gravure ]
Therapist [ Holistic Energy Healing & Art Therapy ]
Art Director [Advertising, Graphic Design & Illustration]

“Plants and minerals have always been with me. It was genuinely natural for me to include them to my creative process.”

As a child, Lina was a hypersensitive little girl fascinated by nature and the remedies it provides us, especially plants and minerals.

As a color alchemist, grown-up Lina then embarked on making her own inks and paints with natural pigments extracted from fine stones, rocks and medicinal plants.

She makes herself the extractions of the pigments according to ancestral recipes which have been transmitted to her and which she has adapted with her practice and her personal research.

This approach is for her a way to ground and connect deeply to the Living and the Earth. Infusing paper with minerals and plants to create artworks intended to support us towards the well-being we all seek.


“I let the artwork come to me rather than trying to think or even make the artwork.”

Lina’s creative approach is intuitive & meditative. It’s a process of connection to the Heart and to Intuition but also to what is greater than Self, to what encompasses everything.

It’s about accepting to become a channel and to let the river of creativity flow through you, without involving the mind. It’s about accepting to let visions, images, shapes, words, concepts and colors come to you in order to then assemble them and materialize the artwork on paper.


Artist & Therapist

Lina has always felt and perceived the energies that surround her without really knowing what to do with this hypersensitivity. Life ended up allowing her to connect with her mission and her inner resources and she then trained in energy care, Reiki Usui, Art therapy, Sound Healing, and is currently pursuing trainings in Herbalism, Yoga, Cristal Healing…

Lina offers Holistic Energy Healing sessions for people who wish to work and improve their physical, psychic, emotional, and spiritual dynamics.


The art of liberating yourself, the art of creating yourself.

Lina is convinced that art is a great tool for expansion, well-being and a valuable aid to inner journey and emotional release.

This is why she offers workshops that combine art therapy, meditations, sound baths, energy activations, breathing and yoga exercises… and more.

The aim of these workshops isn’t to learn to draw but to learn to reconnect with our creative power and ourselves.

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