The Cosmic Clues Studio is a space where artistic & energetic practices cohabit with love & harmony.

Both a Therapeutic Art atelier and an Energy Healing space, the Cosmic Clues studio offers a unique approach dedicated to our expansion and our well-being.

Here, our life mission is to use the benefits of art and holistic practices to generate more light and healing.


Art is combined with various therapeutic practices to transform it into a powerful tool for development and healing.

Art comes to interact with our energy and our senses in a very specific way.

Here, we like to call it Vibrational Art or even Medicine Art.

Each artwork is then created through an intuitive-meditative process, using natural pigments of minerals and plants, with the aim of positively influencing our energy and our Vibratory Rate*.

The vibratory artwork is then a “energy treatment”.

As the food nourishes our physical body, the vibratory artwork comes to nourish, soothe, harmonize and balance our emotional body and the different energy bodies.

The collectors of Cosmic Clues studio’s artworks are sensitive to the energies that surround them. They’re lovers of nature and inclined to improve their inner dynamics.


The pigments used in the studio are extracted from plants and minerals using different processes and ancestral recipes.

The alchemical work of extracting natural pigments is part of a process of reconnecting with the living and the Earth.

These living colors from the mineral and vegetable world infuse the paper with their vibrations, then diffuse their gentle energies to us.

All inks and paints are prepared in the studio.


The prints of the engravings are made with an artisanal mixture of extra-fine inks with natural pigments of stones, crystals and plants.
Each print is a unique original work, signed and numbered by the artist.


Oil paints and watercolors are made with an artisanal mixture of extra-fine paints with natural pigments of stones, crystals and plants.
The originals are available for sale in the “Original paintings” section.
NB: The “Prints” are reproductions of the paintings made in professional “Giclée” pigment printing and are therefore not composed of the artist’s original pigments.


The paints or inks used during face-to-face workshops are mainly made from minerals, rocks and plants.
NB: It may however happen that the organization or the logistics force us to use other sources of colors.


The Cosmic Clues Studio regularly offers therapeutic art workshops.

These workshops combine art therapy, meditations, sound baths, energy treatments, yoga practice… and more.

These are spaces where you allow yourself to reconnect with your intuition and creativity in the broadest sense.

The artistic gesture helps us to release buried emotions, to become aware of our inner resources, to regain confidence (in ourselves, in others, in life), to feel we are creators of our lives.

There are no prerequisites to participate. The goal is not to learn how to draw, nor to make a beautiful drawing, but to let go of our needs for control and results.

Workshops are organized for groups or individuals, online and face-to-face.

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Art Studio and Energy Treatments Cabinet

Vibratory artworks, workshops and also energy treatments, are an integral part of our mission to work for more light and well-being…

The energy treatments practiced at the studio have a psycho-energetic and holistic approach in order to treat the being in its singularity and its entirety. The idea is to work not only on the elimination of the aches but on the cause which creates the aches.

We then act on the different spheres or “bodies”: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Treatments take place face-to-face or remotely. (Yes, it’s crazy but it also works remotely!)


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